Save money on top-quality coral calcium with our economical 180 capsule size of CORALadvantage.

New!  CALMadvantage is now available in a new larger 120 capsule size!

About ANI
ANI develops and markets advanced nutritional supplement products.  Our formulas are designed by a multi-disciplinary team with doctors degrees and expertise in nutraceuticals, anti-aging, ingredient delivery, pharmacology and medicine.   This give us the expertise to develop highly effective products.  You can tell they work when you "feel the difference" after trying them.  For more information on our Formulation Team.  Our products are sold primariy in independent health food stores.

Company History
ANI was founded in 2001 by Dr. Gerard Skrocki and Robert Clifford.  We introduced our first coral calcium products in mid-2002.  In 2003 Mr. Clifford traveled to Okinawa with Bob Barefoot to ensure that the marine coral in our products is ecologically safe.

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